Sprat Artistic Ensemble Mission Statement 

Sprat Artistic Ensemble is a multi-generational ensemble under the artistic direction of Ryan Elisabeth Reid that uses interdisciplinary artistic approaches and community partnerships to tell the stories of those who have been marginalized.

The conviction that the arts can serve as an advocate for groups with limited agency by actively seeking out their stories and unique voices to share them with a wider public is the driving force behind Sprat’s work. Sprat chooses its subjects based on need and on the ensemble’s personal connection to particular causes and communities.

The approach to making each work begins with the discovery of a need and, in turn, a passion for advocacy. Extensive research follows, in which the most suitable tools are determined for the production. Working together collaboratively with company members across artistic genres allows Sprat to create works that vary in their subjects, mediums, and deconstruction of each societal issue.

Through the makeup of the ensemble and the audiences for its projects, interactivity, site-specificity, guided discussions, and innovative partnerships across sectors, Sprat strives to create encounters between groups, individuals, and ideas that otherwise don’t intersect. Though the techniques used to create conversation differ from project to project, the intent is the same: to bring together a cross-section of perspectives that will ultimately make the conversation more challenging and rewarding. And give prominent place in the conversation to voices that otherwise go unheard.